Bean-b Mattress Puncture-proof


The unique 117 x 137 cm (46 x 54 in.) mattress by Bean-b.

Suitable for adults, children, pets on your favorite water body as well as in the house for daily use.

* Recommended layout


  • Ideal for relaxation, furniture, river trips, animals and fun
  • Durable material from +45°C to -35°C (+113°F to -31°F)
  • Floating capacity up to 114 kg (~250 lbs.)
  • Suitable for both fresh, salt and chlorinated water
  • No discoloration of the material
  • Comfortable, versatile, unique and puncture-proof
  • 6 choices of colors

* Each end is equipped with an eyelet to allow the composition to be grouped together (king bed, floating island…)

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Would you like to have additional polystyrene beads added to your Bean-b?

  • No charge!
  • It is important to send us your request by email before your order
  • The Bean-b are sealed, no openings available
  • It should be noted that the quantity of logs has been determined in order to optimize nautical comfort