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Who are we?

Our Mission

We are a family business that proudly develops new quality products made entirely in Quebec, using new and upgraded materials, all designed to last a very long time.

Our mission is to bring comfort to your world, regardless of your lifestyle, by creating moments where your well-being is a priority.

We therefore hope that our comfortable, versatile, durable and customizable products will meet your most precious needs.


Your comfort above all

From your first attempts, you will be fascinated by the comfort of our products, as the interior particles really fit any shape. By adopting Bean-b, say goodbye to the effort required to inflate your cushions, as well as to punctures and recurring expenses… Bean-b is here to stay!

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Insulating and Resistant


Floating and Comfortable


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Warranty for fading


Odorless and resistant


Expandable and Easy to maintain

Outdoor furniture

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Environmentally Friendly

Sustainable product


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2 years

Unparalleled comfort

Relaxing and versatile

Entirely made in Quebec

New and Recycled materials


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Frequently asked questions

What interview is suggested by Bean-b?

As small as it may be, we recommend that you store it away from the elements during periods when you do not think you are using it. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to use it near a campfire, since a firebrand and/or spark can quickly occur and damage the outer fabric.

In addition, if soiling occurs, it is possible to use the combination of a mild, bleach-free soap with water using a soft brush to clean. Moreover, the fabric remains resistant except when used with a sharp, burning or piercing object or when in contact with any heating object. (e. g. iron, flat iron, heat sink, etc.)

Is there a risk of mold?

No, no cases reported so far. The choice of our equipment remains a priority in order to avoid this inconvenience. Water penetrates and drains easily. It is strongly discouraged to leave your Bean-b in a wet state and without the possibility of drying. With these factors combined, it is possible to damage some components. It is your responsibility to ensure proper drying and storage.

What are the advantages of choosing Bean-b?

First of all, the judicious selection of materials and our unique and durable manufacturing method.

It is entirely made in Quebec with several partnerships related to local commerce.

The versatility of uses allows you to optimize your Bean-b. And no worries with our 2-year (24-month) warranty.

As soon as the package arrives, it is ready for use since no swelling period is necessary.

Bean-b nautical is great for children’s fun, adults’ relaxation, animals’ relaxation on your favorite lake and much more.

The inner particles allow flotation and take on the desired shape.

Bean-b nautical is ideal for outdoor use in summer as well as winter. Our fabric is resistant from +45°C to -35°C (+113°F to -31°F).

Shipping included for Quebec and Ontario.

Where can I use Bean-b?

We recommend that you have no limits on use. Whether at home, on the beach, camping, by the lake, down the river, at the cottage, in the wild, on the snow or on your favorite lake.

Bean-b nautical adds comfort, pleasure and simplicity to all your moments.

In addition, all these uses are suitable for both humans and animals since our fabric is puncture-proof and resistant from +45°C to -35°C (+113°F to -31°F).

How to optimize comfort?

From your first try, your comfort will be automatic, and you will see a wide range of uses.

Each Bean-b is complementary for an ideal layout and adapted to your needs.

By choosing the complete set, the pillow is very practical to bring a remarkable comfort addition both on your favorite lake and in the house for a peaceful reading area.

In addition, Bean-b nautical is practical for the relaxation of your pets because our fabric is resistant to animal scratches.

What is the Bean-b guarantee?

We offer a 24-month (2-year) warranty. We reserve the right to repair the product free of charge, send a replacement item or refund the purchase price.

In addition, even if the warranty period has expired or the problem has been caused by abnormal use, contact us. It is possible that the product may be repaired for a fee or that some replacement parts may be available.

We will do our best to help you.

In order to receive the complete document relating to our warranty policy, simply send us your contact information at the following address: Our customer service department will be happy to follow up.

Abnormal use is strongly discouraged and detailed below

Use near a campfire (firebrand and/or spark…)

Chemical application (soap, gasoline…)

Handling a sharp, burning, piercing or heating object (iron, flat iron, heat sink, etc.)

Inadequate storage (see interview section in Frequently Asked Questions)

Will the color be intact after several years of use?

Yes, totally. The first models named Aqua Bean Bag have proven their worth, manufactured since January 2016.

For example, red is bright and remains bright despite overexposure to the sun.

Our fabric is resistant to the sun.

This aspect is covered by our Bean-b warranty.

Is delivery included?

Yes, delivery is included for Quebec and Ontario.

If you are outside this area, we will be happy to evaluate the best option for you.

Did you know?

The very first Bean-b was conceptualized a few years ago based on our production of floating docks from the company Quais Mobiles 4 Saisons. It is by recovering the residual raw material that we made our first models for nautical entertainment!

Over the years, several improvements have been made to optimize its versatility and begin its commercialization, including the addition of customizable, interchangeable and easy-to-maintain covers.

Today, the Bean-b is adaptable to all seasons in Quebec and is versatile according to the needs of customers:

  • Floating water cushion
  • Indoor furniture
  • Outdoor furniture

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