DUO Bean-b + Support Chair Indoor and Outdoor


The Bean-b’s soul mate, together they’re one!

The custom-made chair to accommodate your Bean-b is an unmatched must-have.

Duo INCLUDING 1 Bean-b and 1 Chair with straps included.

* DELIVERY INCLUDED * For Quebec and Ontario.


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It’s very easy to use; just attach your Bean-b and enjoy the moment!

Convenient to create the relaxation zone of a dimension according to your needs.

Indoor and Outdoor.

Metal frame; anti-oxidant; no rusting

Very easy to store as it can be dismantled and is light to handle.

Anchor zones to solidify each chair and create your own Bean-b signature relaxation zone.




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Beige sand cream, Bright red, Brown coconut, Charcoal / Intense Gray, Clay Dust / Soft Gray, Supreme Blue